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“I was struggling to get clients at first due to the amount of competition in the LA Area so I decided to take a different approach. I found Josh & his team and I decided to take the initiative and go through with it and its has by far the best decision I’ve made for my business. I used to average around 7 jobs a month. but after the Organic SEO process my average is now 28 monthly jobs. But the best part is that it 100% FREE Traffic! Josh has been very helpful and so has his team! Couldn’t thank them enough!!

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What Is SEO & How Can It Help My Roofing Business?

The premise of SEO or search engine optimization is to improve your rankings by understanding the intricacies of Google’s search algorithm. By doing this, the website is able to attract targeted leads.

According to studies on this subject, websites ranking on the first page of their targeted keyword generate up to 95% of all user clicks. This is why Roofing SEO leads to not only a higher click-through rate but a substantial increase in traffic metrics.

Please note, all ranked results are free of cost and show up underneath PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads. Those PPC ads are static and remain in the same position for as long as they’re up

What Type of ROI Should I Expect & How Long Does It Take?

A good ROI (Return on Investment) varies depending on the size and type of business. First and foremost, you need to establish a goal for your Roofing SEO campaign, and then come up with a realistic and ambitious plan on how you are going to achieve this goal. You should avoid aiming too high as this can lead to many frustrations; and also aiming too low as this can stop you from realizing your full potential. Clients too consider ROI when making the decision to hire you. For this reason, your website should clearly highlight how clients can benefit from the roofing services you have to offer.

Getting a good ROI from your Roofing SEO campaign requires that you invest significant time and resources into restructuring and realigning your budget, implementing better web design strategies and getting new clients to increase your business’s revenue and profit.

A Roofing SEO campaign typically runs for about 5 to 6 months. This extended time period is necessary so that Google and other search engines can have enough time to index all the pages on your website, as well as analyze user experience and behavior with your website.

Lead Generation Site Cons

Our Team Has Done Extensive Research On Very Popular 3rd Party Lead Generation Sites. We Have Found Countless Flaws That Can Easily Be Avoided Be Running Effective Campaigns Directly To Your Site At A Lower Cost

Lead Generation Site #1

  • Inaccurate Ad Placement 
  • Inaccurate Viewer Numbers
  • False Information To Make You Purchase Higher Paid Traffic Package

Lead Generation Site #2

  • High CPC for Every Industry 
  • Wasted Money on Auto Bidding 
  • No Ad Optimization 

Lead Generation Site #3

  • False Reviews Which Could Effect Your Business 
  • Always Pay for Non-Closed Leads 
  • Leads Are Sold To Multiple Contractors 
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Future Benefits of SEO

100% FREE Traffic

While others pay for Paid Traffic through Google Adwords, Your Google Ad Spend will sit at $0.00 and receive majority of the search term traffic

Get 95% of All Search Term Clicks !

According to research, websites that are ranked on the first page of Google usually receive close to 95% of clicks coming from internet users.

No 3rd Party Sites Needed !

3rd party sites receive traffic by ranking at the top for all of the money making search terms and sell the leads (Good Or Bad) to you. By ranking #1 for all your search terms, you'll receive traffic directly to your website without being charged 1 penny.

Aiir Mason” is the “Holy Grail of Traffic. Utilizing All Key Strategies and Concepts such as PPC, SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Display, Instagram, Landing Pages & Call Centers. These strategies combined will formulate the MAXIMUM Traffic to your website! Contact Us to see how Aiir Mason Can Be Utilized for Your Roofing Company! 

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Landing Page

Decrease Bounce Rate By Showing Customers What Threy Want To See and Capture Leads Effectively


Pay Per Click Ads (PPC): Go Directly To The Top Of The Search Result Of Specific Keywords With Paid Google AdWords and Drive Traffic To Landing Page

Facebook Ads

Track Everyone Who Visits The Landing Page & Retarget Them Using Custom Ad Copy on Facebook

Google Display Ads

Track Everyone Who Visits The Landing Page & Retarget Them Using Custom Ad Copy On Google

Instagram Growth

Build Trust and Relationships With Your Customers By Show Casing Your Work Via Instagram

Call Center

Track Every Call From The Campaign To See Which Platform Works The Best

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