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Aiir Digital is a Los Angeles PPC Agency providing our clients with Immediate & Converting results utilizing systems we’ve developed overtime.

Google PPC (pay per click) is a strategy that allows you to bid on keywords in search engines. This takes you directly to the top of your specific search results term. Google PPC is regarded as one of the best services when:
» Your SEO has not yet kicked in
» Your Local SEO area happens to be highly competitive
»You are interested in bidding on the brand name of a competitor or additional keywords

» Obtaining website visitors that are targeted & “paid” visitors to their site. 

How Does PPC Work?

For example: 

If you are a Roofer that is based in the area of Los Angeles and a consumer types into a search engine “Roofers in Los Angeles“. When using Google PPC ads, if you’ve bid for the keyword phrase “Roofers in Los Angeles“, your listing will appear on the top of the result in the form of a “sponsored ad”, and users will click on your results. You will pay for each click and in return you are offered with an improved chance to convert the visitors to the site into your customers.

This might sound simple, yet it involves extensive management when you are interested in highly-optimized PPC campaigns.

PPC campaigns require continuous optimization as the bid prices will change daily.

Aiir Digital Los Angeles PPC Agency will bid on these keywords on your behalf in the way of conducting extensive research when it comes to your direct competitors as well as check on what terms they bid on.

In general, we suggest a Google Ad spend budget Minimum of $1,500 every month for smaller businesses in the areas with low competition.

Keywords Research

Extensive keyword research is critical when creating a PPC campaign. If not done correctly, you can loose thousands of dollars on keyword traffic that doesn't convert into sales.

landing page creation

Landing pages are designed for user experience. These pages are customized to give the customer as much information as possible and have the customer complete the call to action. These pages are designed to help save money, lower PPC cost, and decrease bounce rates.

bid on keywords

When your keyword research is complete, You'll then began to bid on keywords. These are the phrases / keywords you'll be popping up for in the Google search results.

start receiving traffic

Now the Money-Making Magic Happens! You'll began to have leads calling and booking appointments with your company!

aiir digital PPC agency Los Angeles
Aiir Digital SEO Los Angeles Pay Per Clicks Advertisement Icon

Benefits Of PPC

Skip the Long Wait

Unlike organic SEO which can up to 6-8 months to reap the benefits, PPC can be done INSTANTLY. You'll go directly to the top and appear in any search result you choose.

Instantly Rank In ANY search term

Any search term you choose, you'll be able to rank without having to wait on Googles Algorithm.

Increase Brand Recognition with Remarketing.

You're able to do retargeting on Google Ad Display & Facebook with a tracking pixel set in your landing page. Therefore helping your customers make a faster buying decision while increasing brand awareness.

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