Instagram Growth

Our Team here at Aiir Digital are Instagram Growth Hacking Experts! We are committed to helping you reach ANY GOAL!

In June 2018, Instagram eclipsed the “1 billion users” mark illustrating its size and impact online 

Digital Marketing is about leveraging successful platforms and using them to your advantage.

 Remember! People are Visual! The more they see your work, the more they will began to trust in what you do! Instagram is a social media platform that provides access to people from all walks of life.

Your Instagram will have Hundreds of eyes viewing your content DAILY!

You want to create the best possible representation of your brand as possible. This helps create well-rounded marketing campaigns without having to overspend!

Instagram Growth Strategy

Instagram may see fairly simple, and it is, BUT, Creating an Highly Optimized Instagram with consistent engagement is not as easy as it may seem.

There are a total of 137 Steps we follow in order to create an highly optimized Instagram with consistent engagement.

Here’s a quick overview…

Extensive Niche Research

Our team at Aiir Digital breaks down 150-200 similar niche account by 28 different categories in order to come up with the your final page look. The goal is to model success and improve on other pages mistakes.

in-depth Hashtag Research

The key to growth are hashtags. But what many don't know is that there is a 17 step process that has to be followed in order for your page to reach the maximum exposure from all 30 hashtags. These also have be switched out and updated every 3-4 weeks depending on usage.

content development

Content is king. Literally, without good content, your page will not grow. We will utilize Instagram Growth tools to help develop viral / engaging content that has been proven to bring the maximum amount of traffic to your page.

influencer marketing

This is "Social Media", therefore networking with influencers in the same niche is critical to exposure. When partnering with these influencers, this is where other parts of the Instagram Growth Hacking begins.

Instagram Growth Example

Check Out Some Recent Instagram Growth Before & After

I was in need of help with trying to fight the instagram algorithm to get my content shown to a bigger audience. That when my team and I found Josh and his team. They have been absolutely amazing! Our page grew from 0-7.2k within 15 days! We are expected to his 10k within the 5 days! 



Our page grew from 0-2k within 10 dasys of the first post! Josh and his team are amazing the growths hacks ACTUALLY REALLY WORK! And our network among the instagram community has grow fairly fast as well. Thank you Josh!


Head of Sales

Benefits of Instagram

List #1

  • Help your leads make a Purchase Decision
  • Get to show your lead the value of your work
  • Build ULTIMATE trust in your customer!
  • Build Brand Personality

List #2

  • Engage With Customers
  • Build Anticipation
  • Showcase Customer Service
  • You Become The "Go To” Company in your Area

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