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Facebook Advertisement is geared toward subconsciously helping your past visitors / futures customers make a purchasing decision. This also allows you a new gateway to find new qualified customers.

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Lookalike Audiences

-Look-A-Like Audiences are the people who look like your past buyers.

-Using FB , we can generate a fully data driven detailed audience based on your past purchasers using an email list.

-This saves much time and money on trying to find people who look like the people you want.

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-When a visitor leaves your website without following the call to action, FB will put them on a evergreen retargeting schedule that speaks to them literally.

-Not every website visitor is ready to buy, especially not on the first interaction with your brand. Especially High Ticket.

-The average customer has to see something 5x-12x before purchasing. Maybe even more for very hight ticket purchases .

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Cold Traffic

-Cold traffic is only utilized if you have an unseasoned Facebook Pixel and you need to start from Ground Zero.

-Due to business not having professionals handle this process, They tend to loose their entire ad budget at this stage. We highly recommend you hire professionals to keep cost budget cost low.

-This can be very tricky and FB knows exactly that. But they make it look very simple so you’ll take the risk . There is a LOT of testing that has to be done in this process and it may a couple of weeks.

Strategy Planning

This Strategy is Geared to walk the Consumer through their decision making process. Utilizing different text in different ads, they will get closer to pulling the trigger on making a decision

Here’s a basic overview of how we go about setting up &  launching a Facebook Ads campaign .

market research

Your Best Customers are hiding in your Facebook data. It’s not enough to know where, as it is to know how to read it, and how to speak to the each audience the way they want to be spoke to. NOT the way you want to speak to them

create custom audiences

Some Custom Audiences are, Loyalty Campaigns from Previous Customers, Look alike campaigns from Previous Customers, Raving Fan Campaigns from people that have bought more than once in 90 days, & Abandoned Cart Campaigns

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season tracking pixel

Your Pixel collects data as events get triggered.  We can run more effective campaigns as we collect different data from each event to support different campaign types.

split test

Taking one highly targeted ad, with nicely seasoned data, and refining the targeting to go deeper and make new ads to compare to other ads.

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Data Mine

After we find winning ads, we dive into those ads and find the data points that make up the majority of revenue made. From there, we create new ads and back those ads with more ad spend.


Once we see a Winner Ads, We will Slowly began to raise the ad budget in small amounts until you've reached the desired daily ad spend amount.

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Alternate numbers

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Check Out Some Past Result!

Tech Shopify E-commerce Store – Results from February to July

Ad Spend: $86,489

Cost Per Purchase: $15.44

Total Website Purchases: $532,168

619% ROAS

-When we analyzed the customers e-commerce shop we noticed that they we missing a few psychological factors throughout the product description and at the checkout page. Once we fixed the issue we proceeded to build out ads

-We built out around 25 different ad copies and the finalized them down within 2-3 months. Once we figured out what was working we doubled down on that and made duplicates of those ad copies.

– We also built out a click funnel which gave an in-depth product review with added scarcity which redirected the customers to the website products page then to the checkout page.



Business Owner

Real Estate Agent – Results from February to May

Exposure Based Campaign

Ad Spend: $500

Page Likes: 480

Direct Condo Leases: 3 

-His client’s goal for the project was to raise her brand awareness and profile on social media sites, as well as get more ‘Likes’ for her page using paid FB ads.

-We conducted research on her target audience for more effective ads, We created original FB ads, including all creative and copy, and a/b tested over 30 variations to find which were most effective. 

  • Ad recall lift of over 6,000 with $.08 CPC, increase of 480 in page likes (over 120% increase). Generated 3 direct buyer leads


real estate agent

E-commerce Store – Results from February 1st- February 26

Ad Spend: $641.46

Cost per Purchase: $17.82

Total Purchases: $4,016

-After Analyzing the company, We built out around 14 different ad copies and then finalized them down to 2 within a week. Once we figured out which ad copy was was the most profitable, We began to raise the ad copy budget.

626%% ROI



Business Owner

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