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helping our clients Generate High quality leads & scale to 6-7 figures using 100% FREE traffic! 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Rank #1 on Google for Specifc Keywords & Gain Free Organic Traffic


Pay Per Click Ads (PPC): Skip The Organic SEO Wait Time And Go Directly To The Top Of The Search Result Of Specific Keywords With Paid Google AdWords.

Facebook Ads

Get Directly Infront Of Your Ideal Audience, Collect Leads, And Retarget Them Using Custom Ad Copy

Instagram Growth

Become A Brand Influencer & Professional By Create Engaging / Viral Content While Utilizing ALL Forms Of Instagram Growth Hacking.

Web Design

Create Brand Fluidity with an Exceptional Mobile Friendly Design and Turn your Website into a Full Time Sales Person

Public Relations

Gain Exposure From High Quality Sources With High Traffic Volume

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Our Agency Purpose

At Aiir Digital Marketing we believe in tailoring every step of your marketing campaign due to your company goals. We aim to serve you by walking you through every aspect of the campaign giving you a better understand of what’s happening and why.

Our team is available 24//7 and ready to answer any questions you may have about your campaign. You’ll also be given direct access to our CEO/ Founder Josh Dejohnette upon partnership for direct access for any campaigns questions. 

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Why Pay For Traffic When It's Free?

The Google SEO Industry is worth over 65 Billion Dollars as of June 2016 & Is expected to hit 80 Billion Dollars by 2020.

Why is it growing so fast? 

More and more business are beginning to lean toward  SEO (Free Traffic) as opposed to paid due to the constant rise in paid traffic cost.

SEO is on the Rise! Are Rising With It?

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Aiir Digital was specifically designed help businesses save time & money while decreasing ad budget and possibly even eliminating it completely with the use of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  My Team and I understand Advertising Platforms can be very costly if not done the correct way. Which is why our team has 37+ Years experience combined testing these platforms and now  providing you with our knowledge to help you profit! 

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